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User ID and Password Help

user ID = Driver Alpha Code
Password = jb + the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number>

Office Employees
user ID = Ctrl + Alt + Delete id when signing on to company PC
Password = Ctrl + Alt + Delete password when signing on to company PC

Shop Employees
user ID = Maintenance/Technician Number
Password = Leading ' O ' (zeros) + Pin
The total digits of the password must equal 6 characters. Add zeroes to the beginning of your pin number if pin is less than 6 digits.

Terminated Employees
View-only access to your information is available through June of the calendar year following the year you were terminated. To sign-in after termination user ID is the same as when an active employee, but your password is jb + the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Example: For a social of 12345-6789, your password would be j b6789. Note: the "jb" must be in lower case.

Trouble logging in?
Contact the J.B. Hunt HelpDesk (479) 820-8464 or ext. 18464 if in Lowell, AR or calling from a J.B. Hunt phone or (800)7234909 from all other locations.